Amazon India vs other shopping portal in India

amazon india

The world’s most popular retailer has made an entry to one of the fastest growing economy India. is a market where there is a facility of transaction between buyers and sellers. India has the fastest growing e-commerce industry with over 130 million internet user. India is a thriving ground for such online retailers.

According to the present model Amazon will not sell any of its own merchandise but it will only play the role of an aggregator for all the retailers who showcase their products on the website. In Amazon US website it sells Amazon own goods as well as third party products also. It has recently introduced its website in India and it has planned to sell around 7 million book titles and 13000 movie titles. It also includes other popular categories of products such as cameras, electronics goods. The Vice President of Amazon India declares its vision to become a trusted online retailer and thus would like to enable sales of products related to every aspect of life.

–> Amazon has special interest in India and it is trying hard to make a strong base in India. It has been continuously pushing the Indian government to allow the foreign e-commerce companies to make direct investment in India. It has also conducted a serious meeting with the Indian commerce and industry minister also. The government has already relaxed some of the offline retails.

Other than allowing retailers to showcase their products on its website Amazon India also features an option wherein it provides logistic solutions to retailers who are interested to avail the services. Unlike other online e-commerce company Amazon India has to offer a wide range of products and services and has direct link with the Indian government. Although it has come late and the e-commerce industry in India is already occupied by the local based retailers like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Quicker etc.  Amazon has been operating where it sends visitors to the website and doesn’t sell any product by itself.

–> With the introduction of Amazon in India, the country will see a new revolution in the online retail market. Amazon is quite a prestigious and popular online retailer across the globe and now it is in India. It seems like the Indian online retailers has already started strategizing for the huge wave of new ideas from Amazon. And many of the small companies is rumored to be already offering Amazon with tie ups and other schemes for its survival under its shadow.

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