Buying a used phone- the smarter choice!

If you are someone who is scouring tech forums and smartphone comparison charts in a bid to buy a new phone, think again. Is it the smartest way to spend your hard-earned money? More often than not, the rapid changes that take place in the mobile phone industry catch us unawares and by the time we get ourselves updated with the latest technology, it becomes obsolete. Before setting out to purchase a phone, we need to convince ourselves that we are getting the best deal out of it. We will be surprised to find out that we can get a perfectly fine used phone at less than half the price at which a new phone with all the same features costs.

way to sell your phone

There are many gadget freaks among us for whom keeping up-to-date with the latest smartphones in the market is an obsession. There are few others who constantly change their cell phones because they are attracted to a new feature presented in a fresh model. So what do such people do with their old phones? Consider me in that position. Would I let them rust and rot in a drawer or would I think about recycling my phone? Definitely the latter!

There are two advantages to this.

  1. You are placing your relatively new used phone on sale which allows the less financially sound members of our society a chance to enjoy all the cutting edge features at an affordable price.
  2. By deciding to recycle your phone, you do your part for mother Earth by not contributing to the rising e-waste menace.

Finding the right place to buy used phones

So where do you find reliable used phones in perfect working condition? There are a lot of online web portals that offer the unique opportunity for sellers to directly get in touch with buyers. It is a win-win deal for both the parties concerned because the seller gets a higher price than what a dealer would offer him and the buyer, a lower price than what he would have to pay at a shop.

Keep up-to-date with evolving technology

Mobile phone technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that a new smartphone is rendered outdated within months of its launch. When we listen to our friends go all gaga over the cool features in their new phone, we can hardly resist our desire to go out and buy one as soon as possible. But not many can afford the exuberant prices of the latest models. This is where buying a used phone with comparable features can satisfy your desire and save your pocket.

Reducing e-waste

If I was asked one reason why I would recommend recycling used phones, I would always go with controlling e-waste. Such has been the damaging impacts all these obsolete electronic gadgets and devices have had on our environment, that we are already too late for course correction.

All the above reasons are convincing enough for any logical person to go for a humble used phone rather than a flashy new model.

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