How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter

Now-a-days social networking is the best way to connect with people. Almost 70% of people are using Twitter some in regular basis and some occasionally. Some days before I was using Twitter and tried to create my RSS feed for it, but failed to create it.

Are you facing the same problem?

Don’t worry I have got a short and simple solution for you all. Someone has suggested this to me and when I tried it I found it useful. So, it strikes on my mind that I should share it with as many people as I can. Have a look in the following steps:

rss feeds for twitter

1).First you have to register with Twitter Feed, enter your email address and a password of your choice.

2). In the first option of Name Feed and Add source URL, you have to enter your feed name.

3).Now, in the next step you have Enter the RSS URL for your blog.

4). Then, click on test RSS feed. It allows Twitter Feed for the validation of RSS. After the validation; you will get an option of “Feed Parsed OK,” this option means that everything is working properly. If you receive an error option, then go back to the previous option and check whether everything is entered properly or not.

5).Now, click on Advanced Settings and Customize your Twitter Feed.

6).There you will get many services choose Twitter from those services.

7). Then you have to Authenticate your Twitter account .Click on the large blue “Authenticate Twitter” box to authenticate it. After this you will get into Twitter, where you are asked to you to enter your Twitter user name or email address, and your Twitter password. Now, click on “Allow.” After that Twitter will direct you back to Twitter Feed. You will get “Twitter auth successful” written in a green bar at the top of the page.

8). Lastly, click on the “Create Service,” option and the service will begin feeding your posts.

These are the 8 simple steps, jus follow these 8 and create your RSS feed for Twitter. Apart from this process you will find lots of more process to create RSS feed for twitter, but you won’t find any process short and simple than this one. When I got this process for the first time I also Didn’t believe that this easy process can create RSS feed for Twitter but after using it I found it really amazing. I can bet there will be no other process easy and effective. If you are facing the problem of creating RSS feed for Twitter, then just follow the above written 8 steps and create your RSS feeds for Twitter. What are you guys waiting for? You have got all the information to create a RSS feed for Twitter. You just have to put it practically and create your RSS feed for Twitter.

Hope you have enjoyed our tutorial, well don’t forget to share this post over Facebook and Twitter.

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