Effective Tips to Make Your PPT Designs More Attractive

The making of successful PowerPoint mainly depends on three different factors; your devotion towards consistent styles, your focus on the presentation processes, and your control over the design tools of PowerPoint. The powerslides.com can help you to decide the PowerPoint templates for your next presentation.

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Control The PowerPoint And Never Get Controlled: You should decide how and what are to be used in your presentation. The PowerPoint should not decide what you are going to apply.

  • You should make sure that the pre built themes are required for your content and they are complementing your needs before finally applying them.
  • Automatic Bulleting may be useful sometimes and it is not required all the time. You should watch carefully whether you require bullets in the next point or not.
  • The default PPT templates may have shadow of different shapes. You may remove the shadows if you do not require them.
  • The PPT action sounds should not be used in the professional power slides. You should always consider the type of your audience above your personal preferences.

Modify Slide Template Design: Before you actually start creating your slides, you can modify the slide templates right from the beginning. You can select themes from the top navigation bars. After that you can choose ‘Edit Master’ and then ‘Slide master’. After making all the required changes, you can ‘Close Master’. Your present and the future slides will appear in that particular template.

More Control On Format Menus:  You should have more control over the designs and the objects present in the format menu. The object which you want to redesign can be selected. After that a right click will provide you with a format option. This particular menu can allow fine adjustment regarding measurements, reflection etc. The whole range of options may be shown in the PowerPoint tool bars. You can find options like adjusting texts within a shape, creating a natural shadow behind the object, recolor manual photos with the automatic options.

Use PowerPoint Shapes: The PowerPoint’s shape tools can be very much useful and can provide various advantages if properly used. The readily available shapes were launched by Microsoft in the year 2010. The variety of shapes can be oval, rounded rectangle, traditional rectangle etc. As PowerPoint is a visual medium, the PowerPoint shapes can act as important tools. If bullets and paragraphs seem boring, you can use various shapes to express your messages.

Crop Images into Customized Shapes: You can crop images into different customized shapes. You can choose the image and select the ‘Format’ option from the options bar. Then select the ‘crop’ function and then ‘mask to shape’.  Your desired shapes can be chosen from the custom image lists.

Create Custom Slide Sizes: If you are not satisfied with the default size of the slides, you may modify the sizes of your slides.  You can choose ‘file’ from the top left corner and select the ‘page setup’. After that, you can type the height and the width of the background as you desire. A dialogue box will appear after that. Your background size of the slides is resized finally!

Create Custom Shapes: Yes, you can customize different shapes of the objects also. You can do the right click and select ‘Edit Points’. By customizing the points, you can create different shapes according to your requirement.

All the flexible and the adjustable tools of the PowerPoint will help you in presenting a unique presentation in front of your clients. If you are aware of the style, design and the presentation process, you can leave a positive impact among the target audience.

Eric Samuel is a popular IT professional who is sharing some effective tips for using the power slides in your presentation. You can gain further information from powerslides.com and apply them in your next presentation.

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  1. David Wicks // May 15, 2015 at 1:36 pm // Reply

    This article shares the information about effective tips to make the PowerPoint design more attractive. I am agree with you first sentence and everyone should follow these factors for making successful power slides. You should make use of power templates to add some professional look to your PowerPoint slide. Before you should start making PowerPoint slides you must have knowledge about it. The points in the article give more tips to modify you slides. Thank you for sharing this article.

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