Free calling apps for Android

Free calling apps for Android are much popular at the moment. Many of the apps on this article are free to download and many offer some form of free calling function. The only catch with some of them is that the other person has to have the same app installed on their Smartphone, but that is no hardship.

Now without wasting time let’s know which are these Free calling apps for Android:


This app allows you to make free calls to other people who have the app. It is also available for the iOS so you can call iPhones too. It free android apps for androidhas a simple interface and will read your address book and look for applicable data to add into its directory. It has a very nice call quality and the video does not lag behind the audio (which is the case with some video calling apps).

It allows you to connect with other Viber users via their mobile phone number instead of having to add their username or email address to your app manually. They also use your own telephone number as your calling ID, so you will be added to the address book of your friends that you call when you sign up for Viber (assuming they have your phone number in their Android address book).


If you can convince your friends to join Nimbuzz, then you can talk to them for free. It has a free video calling function, but also allowsfree android apps for android free text messages, and free video, image and music sharing too. It is available for most of the mainstream operating systems, so you can contact people who do not have an Android.

You can contact people on a desktop computer as there is an app you can install on Windows or Mac computers. You can pull in people from Facebook and other social media networks such as MySpace and talk to them for free. You are not forced to use the video feature, as not everybody on a desktop computer has a web camera. It allows you to make regular phone calls to people without the video function, and it is all free so long as the other person has joined Nimbuzz too.


free android apps for android

You can use this with an Android of iOS device, and it allows you to make calls for free. You can only call one person at a time, but that is hardly a problem, and you can broadcast your video feed live if you wish. It also allows you to take videos and share them on social media networks too.


This app allows free calls and has a free video calling function too. You can also add in other calling services such as the Google Talk free android apps for androidservice. It has functions that allow you to connect your phone book with the app. You just need to make sure that the person you call also has Fring if you want to talk to them for free. You can contact people with the iPhone as Fring is available for that too, and if a Nokia phone user connects to Fring via a web browser then you may talk to them free too.

They have a feature where you can buy credits and call people. This is good if your call charges are already pretty high on your network, or if you want to call people overseas. Fring is currently cheaper than the more popular Skype app. This is possibly one of the best apps on this article because it allows you to run four video conversations at once. It plays merry hell with your Internet connection as it has to download and upload a lot of information at one time, but it is great fun to use and a novel idea.


Sometimes some apps (such as Skype) will not let you take part in video calls if you have 3G mobile Internet. This is not the case with free android apps for androidTango, which allows you to make video calls irrespective of your Internet connection. If the other person has the Tango app then you may contact them for free, and their video recording and transmitting service is probably the highest quality of all the apps on this article. Their video calls are crisp, clean and clear.


This is one of the most popular free calling apps that may be used on desktop computers and with Androids free android apps for androidand iOS devices. Some devices will allow you to make video calls, but not all of them, and Skype allows you to send instant messages to other people with the Skype app. You can make calls to phones with Skype if you are willing to purchase credits. This is good if your network charges a lot for calling, or if you are calling a telephone from a desktop computer. You can also add contact details onto your Skype contact list if you have an Android.


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  1. Himanshu Arora // October 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    Skype has always been the first choice who are looking for Free Calling application on android as well as on PCs. I always prefer Skype.

  2. Priyanka Kapoor // October 11, 2013 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    I am using Nimbuzz since 2010. That time I was using it on my Nokia handset and now using on Samsung Tab 2. Nimbuzz is an awesome application. Skype is also best.

  3. Krishna Ohlan // October 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm // Reply

    Few days back I was out of India and their I used Fringe and I loved that application very much. We have purchase the balance on it and also it gives the option to talk free on Fringe to Fringe. I really appreciate this application.

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