Google brings Emirates A380 View

Google Street View now provides a virtual interior view of an Airbus A380. The service was launched at the fifth anniversary of the Jets at Emirates.

Ski slopes in the Alps, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or a walk in a contaminated ghost town in Fukushima – all this can be appraised from your own sofa. Now added a further insight, who sees the parked Airbus A380 at Dubai airport, next to the one machine recognizes the Street View icon of the yellow male. If you click it, you find yourself virtually directly inside the superjumbo Emirates.

With the new service, you can visit any part of the A380. The bar, luxurious showers, first-class suites or the cockpit can be explored. The new service was launched on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the first flight of the aircraft in the Gulf airline. On 1 August 2008, they began the airplane for the first time.A380 street view

The mysterious aircraft

Aircraft, however, were for some time a very special hunting property for Street View enthusiasts – even without interior views. Again and again they discovered flying to strange places. For example, a plane in a front yard in Paraguay or a  mysterious jet at a site in Brooklyn, New York in the United States, where actually is a playground.

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  1. This is pretty good and looks like the real image rather than satellite image.

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