Impact of HTML5 on Online Gaming

Websites are built in Hypertext Markup Language. It is a web development language. Its latest version is named as HTML 5. It is just an advanced version of HTML which is very much similar to older version. It has some similar features as its older version had. It also offers some additional features for webmasters to make their websites more interesting. Most of the webmasters started using HTML 5 while coding their websites. These trend had a great impact on online gaming industry. Previously, all online games were based on Flash. But now, developers started moving to HTML5 due to its benefits. Since HTML5 was introduced, it had huge impact on online gaming industry. In this article, you can read what evolution has started in online gaming industry after introduction of HTML5.

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Impact of HTML5 on Online Gaming:-

  • Mobile Optimized gaming:-

With HTML5, developer can optimize or port his online games for mobile devices. You can create a mobile responsive webpage with HTML5 and port your games for lower screen resolution. Previously, mobile games were developed with Flash technology from Adobe. When Adobe removed its support for mobile flash player which helps users to play games on mobile. With the discontinued support of Mobile flash player from Adobe, developers started using HTML5 for making mobile responsive games. Online games got huge benefit from Mobile responsiveness of HTML5.

  • Browser Compatibility:-

HTML5 is compatible with all web browsers. Web browsers like Opera, Google chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, etc., can read HTML5 and render the webpage for you. Also, it is compatible with almost all mobile web browsers. This is very useful when it comes to online games, since people can use any web browser to play games. Online gaming site M88 is an example of advance development in gaming. Unlike Flash websites, HTML5 websites doesn’t need any additional plugins to show content on browser. This makes it more convenient for online gaming websites to show their games to visitors and for visitors as they don’t have install any plug-in.

  • Offline Caching:-

Offline caching means loading certain elements of website when you don’t have working internet connection. When you visit a website with offline caching enabled, it saves certain page elements first, and then remaining website elements which are not so important. So, whenever you visit that website again, elements which are stored in browser cache helps you to check that website without internet connection. This is a new feature which is offered with HTML5. Also, offline caching helps developer to lower down loading time of website easily.

  • HTML5 over Flash:-

Many web developers started implementing HTML5 for many of their websites which use flash technology from Adobe. Flash websites needs Flash player to be installed on visitor’s computer. But HTML5 doesn’t need any add-on or plug-in.  That’s why, to avoid Visitors disengagement, online games developers started using HTML5 on their website ditching Flash from Adobe. Due to HTML5, Adobe Flash player use is decreased significantly. This is the biggest impact of HTML5 on online gaming sites.

No doubt, HTML5 is better language than HTML. It comes with very good features than old version of HTML. With this advanced version, game developers can easily embed their games on webpage, without worrying about browser compatibility. It is an easiest web developing language for developers and convenient for visitors to visit such websites without installing any add-on. With HTML5, online game developers can create easy to load webpages with games and reach out to more visitors. This Web language has enough power to cut off the use flash technology to create interactive websites and online games. All we can say that with introduction of HTML5, it has become a Game changer in online gaming industry.

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