Impressive features of OLX App for Android

We are much sure that you do not need an introduction to, especially if you are an active user of internet or a listener of attractive TV advertisements. In these years, this web-based platform has become popular enough to let a number of people to change the way they sell or buy used products for daily life. For example, many people who use to buy or sell used products might be equal to that of those who depend on brokers to do that job. Currently, as a part of popularizing their service by increasing its availability to multiple devices, has launched dedicated Applications for Smartphones. In this post, we would like to give you an introduction about this OLX Free App.

olx androidOLX App for Android

As we said earlier, sole purpose of these applications is to enhance accessibility of OLX, regardless location of user or other circumstances. Using this application, ANYONE can access this platform to explore advertisements as well as to create new ones by means of a few taps on your Smartphone or Tablet PC screen. There are a few features, OLX has implemented in the application, to make that add-creating process even simpler. Some of those are as follows.

Location Matters

When you are posting an advertisement in a platform like OLX, it is imperative to make the location clear and precise in order to ensure optimum reach. Nevertheless, you do not have to ponder over selection of location when you use official mobile application of OLX and if your Smartphone does have GPS connectivity options. So, the application will use GPS to find exact location of yourself, and publish the advertisement in a way such that people of that place will see that advertisement.

Make your Advertisements Livelier

There will be a special enhancement to the effect of your advertisement when you insert a nice image to your Ads. It is worth noting that effect would be great if you can add images of that product in current condition. Here comes the importance of OLX Classifieds for Android, because it will allow you to insert images of the product using your phone or Tablet PC itself. In this way, you will be able to increase authenticity of that advertisement. Plus, you can increase reach of your ad, as people are attracted by images when compared to text.

We are sure that these reasons are impressive enough to attract most of customers to your advertisements. What do you think about it? We are waiting for your response.

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