The iPad 5 – Rumors, Speculation And Opinions

Very soon, Apple will grace the tech stores with the presence of their new tablet – the iPad 5, and the crowd is cheering for it, not because it will be something revolutionary; not because it will be something innovative; not even because it will be an upgrade, but simply because that’s the way we have been conditioned – when the new comes out, the old becomes outdated. That’s the say it’s been for years and there is no reason to stop now. The iPad will just look like the old one with changes minor enough that they don’t cost too much in research and development, but major enough to convince you to actually buy it. There isn’t much official information out there, and this is what we truly like, because this gives the chance to speculate and theorize all we want without anyone to shut us up. Are you ready for the ride? Let’s get to it!

ipad 5

Hardware upgrades

As kind of a geek, I like numbers. I like it when numbers make something look new and powerful, far more powerful than ever before. In the same time, I hate it when some dumb marketing campaign is telling me that my new tablet will work two times faster than the old one because it has a more powerful processor. I mean, it will work a bit faster, yes, but two times faster? What do you think I am, an idiot? Software isn’t all that well optimized for the hardware so in most cases the hardware upgrade isn’t going to give you too much of a boost. Now, I respect Apple for not trying to fool me that my tablet will be so powerful because it has four cores on the processor that no app will use. I also respect them for giving the iPhone 5S a secondary processor to deal with minor applications and features.

So how can we make the iPad better? First of all, we crank up the processor (sense or not, like I said, I like the numbers). Apple will probably equip the iPad 5 with a tablet version of their new A7 mobile processor and I suspect that they will also give it a second processor, just like with the iPhone. That would be a sound thing to do. You can tell people that there are more processors and both of them will actually do something and not just be a marketing gimmick.


Every new generation gets an improved display, so there is no reason to think this will the exception. The display will probably retain its size, but it will get a boost in the resolution department. Not much more that can be said about that, unless Apple are thinking about introducing some new technologies on their event on the 22 October (which might be the release date of the iPad 5, by the way), but I doubt it. There is no reason to equip the iPad with something the iPhone doesn’t have.

The camera will also get a boost – the more things you upgrade, the better marketing campaign you can have. It doesn’t matter if people don’t really take photos with their tablets (and those who do look simply ridiculous – taking pictures with that near-10-inch monster).


The new iPad will definitely feature the iOS 7. This might be a problem for some of you who are used to the old one, because quite frankly, there are a lot of differences, not to mention the fact that not all apps have been properly optimized yet. Still, this is the price of progress and many of us are willing to pay it without a moment’s hesitation.

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