How does Technology Make Home Loan Acquisition Easy Using is a real estate website in India that caters to the demand of reliable property search in India. The portal allows end users to find properties of their choice with ease and reliability. Each of these properties consist of original and verified photographs along with other related information which makes it easy for an end user to decide on whether to opt for that particular property or not without having to visit it.

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The portal today is barely two and a half years old; however it has an estimated market value of Rs. 1500 crores. This is owing to the services that it offers which enable property related transactions online. In addition to property search related facilities, the portal also offers services like creation and delivery of rental agreements online; finding and applying for home loans online etc.

The degree with which the seizes innovation opportunities is remarkable. There is a constant assessment of consumer demands. The end users seek better and more reliable information related to properties online and endeavours to fill this demand gap as swiftly as possible. This is why today is the fastest growing real estate website in India today.

Just like its other services, the home loan services offered by also backed by comprehensive technology.

The Home Loan Service and its Technology Orientation

One can access the home loans service from the ‘Home Loans’ section on the main page of This page allows the end users to access the home loans guide as well as a tool that allows one to assess eligibility for a home loan. The home loan guide is a repository of practical knowledge related to home loans. This is a guide that helps one understand in totality the components and factors affecting a home loan plan. It allows the end users to learn about applying for a loan and also how to effectively service one. It is a guide written with simple explanation.

The ease with which allows the end users to assess their home loan eligibility is impressive. There is no need to enter any personal details. All that one needs to enter are the salary figures of the applicant and co applicant (latter if needed) and the type of home loan that one seeks. The price of the house can also be entered in this box for accurate assessment.

The tool yields a down payment amount along with a time window for repayment, starting with 5 years. The users can change the time of repayment as well as the down payment amount by shifting the sliders. Additionally, the programs running in the background align the home loan plans from prime lenders for the end user to compare. has tied up with some of the biggest financial institutions in the country. The plans that are laid down with the eligibility results are from these organizations. The end user is able to compare the best plan amongst the ones listed and even apply from the portal. There is also a provision to allow monitoring the home loan application from website.

This alignment of services adds another milestone to the portal’s innovative offerings.

In Conclusion has added its signature technology in home loan assessment and selection. The portal therefore has become a one stop shop for all property purchase needs.

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