MobiKwik Review: Mobile Recharges & Bill Payments App

Emergence of online services has set a fast pace in our life and following that trend, all our payment systems were long pending to be made digitalized; hence came the online recharge systems. Gone are the days when people needed to stand up on long queues to reach the end of it and finally pay the bills after wasting some hours. Such unproductiveness alone is sufficient enough to put a country backwards so alternates were crying needs. Now with the improved internet and smartphone technologies, making payments and bills have become so much easier. It would just take a few taps on an app screen to proceed with the process. MobiKwik is an online recharge service provided through their Android app and the website; and this service could be used for payment of utility bills.


How do you use it?

The payment procedure is very easy and straight forward. To pay bills through MobiKwik, you first need to have the required amount of money on your MobiKwik account. To refill money into your own MobiKwik account, there are plenty of convenient methods you can just avail. If you are on the go and not willing to visit a bank then just transfer the desired amount of cash from your credit or debit card. Or transfer money from your bank to MobiKwik account using your bank’s internet banking facility. And if you want to visit the bank and refill the account using hard cash following the typical method, that is also possible.

Once you are loaded up full, you are good to make bill payments.


What bills are payable through MobiKwik?

Now you know how to refill your MobiKwik account, you might be wondering the available range of services on MobiKwik online payment system. You can pay the bills under the following categories –

  • All your prepaid bills like cellphone, internet etc. For example, Airtel Bill Payment.
  • Postpaid bills of the same kind.
  • DTH (Direct to Home).
  • Data card; for internet and data connectivity.
  • Landline telephone.
  • Utility bills – gas, electricity and insurance bill.

MobiKwik Android App Features

The app runs on most Android smartphones regardless of their configuration; because it’s a small app that runs on lower resources. Expect no negative effect on any other apps due to issues like CPU over-usage or excessive data usage. The MobiKwik wallet shows up on the app and you can manage your money effectively. Every payment is sorted out in proper categories and it is just easy to find out the one you are looking for.MobiKwik Android app fetches the contact list from your smartphone to look out for payable accounts. The development team is always concerned about the safety of your money and you will always be protected. And in case you have some issues to share, the support team is always there to help you out.

Customer Care and Support

In case of any issues regarding the refill of MobiKwik wallet and paying the bills, reach the Customer Care and Support people from the ‘Help’ section of the app. If your complaint is after the working hours then it will be solved by the next day.

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