Official PlayStation App Now Available for Android, iOS ahead of PS4’s Launch:

Sony has remodelled its PlayStation with the Android and iOS. It has launched the PS4. This app is launched in US. This app is available in iTunes and Google play stores. This app is only for smart phones and tablets which run iOS and Android 4.0. It comes in collaboration with Sony and allows the players to connect PS4. It can also access the non- gaming play station network features. The special features of this App are to contact with friends by chat, reading the notifications, game alert and invitation to the game.


It cost $399.

According to this price you get a best stuff from the Sony. It is an advance version of PS3. Share your videos and snapshots with the social networking site.


–         Main processor is single chip custom processor.

–         CPU is x86- 64 AMD jaguar 8 cores.

–         GPU is 1.84 TFLOPS.

–         Memory is GDDR5 8GB.

–         The hard disk drive is built in 500GB.

–         The size is 305x53x275 and weight is 2.8kg.

–         Optical drive is BD6xCAV and DVD8xCAV.

–         Its input is super speed USB.

–         Its output is HDMI DIGITAL OUTPUT.


Play station is ready to hit US on November 15 and moving towards the UK and will be released on November 29. It has the hot connection with Microsoft’s Xbox one. When you have a view on the PS4 you can recognize the real design of PS4 by Sony. It is one of the advance versions of the PS3. The PS4 is 6.1lb which is equal to two Mac book Airs heavy. PS4 is all about the business purpose which has custom single chip processor. It has two USB ports which have front facing connections to use the camera. It also has the wireless connection which uses 802.11 b/g/n and has the Bluetooth 2.1 for the wireless DualShock 4 controllers. It has the crown of popularity contest at E3. You can play some games before the download of the game. Sony runs on the word of the features. This system needs less time to download the game for playing. You can purchase the game that holds iOS and Android. It is being recommended by the PS4 to be connected when you play game in Wi FI server. Here is another facility of sharing of game play video. There is also facility of sharing your updated video and snap shoot with networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc. this an amazing way of changing the new PS4. Here you can show the video in different angle and impress to your friends.

So here are the features of the PS4. Make yourself advance with the 3D games. It’s a kind of the group gaming. The best one is the server which allows the multiuser to play games. PS3 has already arrived to the market of US and traveling towards the UK. Enjoy with these stuff by Sony. It’s a revolution to the gadget world.

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