OS X Mavericks life towards Apple

Here is another bumper gift from Apple. OS X Mavericks is the 10th major release of Apple Inc., desktop and server operating system for Mac computer.

Apple is always well known for its Technologies and its products like gadgets and computers are outstanding. The application and drivers which could be found in App store for the Apple’s product add a feather to the Cap. Well known for its brand value, it also gives its’ customers a complete satisfaction by its service.  No one could challenge to apple with its technology.

apple img1You should know

  •       You should know how to run Mavericks on your system. If your system runs OS X Mountain lion then there will be no problem in running this. You should keep in your mind that there shouldn’t be any kind of error while downloading file to your system.
  •       You should be sure that there shouldn’t be any problem in your computer. If you find that than you shouldn’t use OS X Mavericks. This may give damage to the computer hardware.
  •        You have to run few maintenance routine on your hard drive before installing.  If problems are found, then reboot to the OS X Recovery HD partition and run disk utility’s repair routine here.
  •       You should be sure that third party software is fully updated. Be sure to check the developer for compatibility. Regular update is required.

The most important thing you could do is creating backup of your system using a fully restorable backup solution which Apple provides i.e.  Apple’s Time Machine or a third-party system-cloning tool. After having the back up the system will allow you for clean install of OS X Mavericks than transfer the data and programs from backup. You could use any hard drive to transfer the data.

os x image2Specifications

General requirements: OS X v10.6.8 and 2GB of RAM memory with 8GB HD memory available space.

Supported models: It is compatible with iMac (mid 2007), Mac Book (2008), Mac Book Pro (2007), xServe, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini and Mac pro.

Applications: It provide some of the effective, useful and promising applications like  Automator, calculator, calendar, chess, contacts, dashboard, dictionary, DVD player, face time, front Book, iBook, Image captures, iTunes, Launch pad, Mac App Store, Maps, Mail, massages, Mission controls, Notes, Photo booth, preview, Quick time player, Reminders, safari, Stickies, System preference, Text edit and Time Machine.

Utilities: It comes with best system management programs for managing system resource and Operating system. Activity monitor, Airport utility, AppleScript Editor, Audio MIDI setup, Bluetooth File Exchange, Boot Camp Assistant, ColorSync Utility, Console, Digital colour meter, Disk utility, Grab, Grapher, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, System information, Terminal and VoiceOver utility.

Languages: It comes with almost all the global languages of the world. It supports English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian, Malay, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

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