Pay As You Go Plans and Where To Find The Best Plans

Since there are different customers with different preferences and requirements, various kinds of plans are available when it comes to choosing a mobile phone connection. Some users prefer postpaid plans whereas some others have an inclination towards prepaid plans — the choice often depends upon financial situation of individual. For example, some mobile phone carriers offer bundled plans that help users reduce bills. Nevertheless, you might have heard of Pay As You Go plans! Since we think some people are confused about these Pay As You Go plans, we decided to do a post on Pay As You Go posts and best places to find such plans.

Pay As You Go

What is Pay As You Go Plan

Pay As You Go plans are the best way to get rid of monthly charges that are always there with postpaid plans! In this method, you have to purchase certain amount of credits first, and these credits can be used to call, text or browse in addition to other smart features. On the other hand, if you do not have credits left in account, you will have to keep mum — simple as that. As we said before, for those who always cross limits of postpaid connection and get HUGE & intolerable bills, Pay as You Go Plans are the best. Now, to understand Pay As You Go plans in a better way, we will have a look on advantages of Pay as You Go plans when compared to monthly rent-based plans.

Advantages of PAYG

When compared to contract-based phones, which give you HUGE bills, Pay As You Go plans have a lot to offer and a few of their advantages are as follows.

  • No Monthly Rentals

When it comes to PAYG plans, you have to purchase credits first and then use! So, at the end of the month, you will not have to pay those HUGE bills. On the other hand, you can refill your account according to your desire to talk and financial situations as well. If you are fed up of big bills and want to control talking, you can go with PAYG plans.

  • You Know What You Spend

In PAYG plans, you have an option to know how many credits are left in your account instantaneously, often using an USSD code. So, at any time, you can understand how much you have spent as well as how much you CAN spend in an accordance with financial situations.

  • No Strings Attached

There is nothing sort of contracts in PAYG plans and upgrading (or downgrading) your Smartphone is all about your own convenience.

  • Free SIM

Often, if you are lucky, you can grab a free SIM with PAYG plans. And, if you are luckier, you will also have a specific amount of credits when you activate the connection. So, if you are looking for such an affordable option, do not wait but go for PAYG plans. And in some cases, some carriers come up with unlimited resources as well.

  • Easy to Refill

Doing a top up to your PAYG mobile connection is an easy task, as you can use your ATM, web-based services or your bank account etc to refill your account. Also, if you want to be a bit more conventional, you can go for a top up card as well.

Where to Find Best PAYG Plans

As we said, a lot of carriers are offering PAYG plans, with impressive feature. Virgin Media Mobiles, which is already popular for its telecom-based services, is also offering some cool PAYG plans. Despite the fact that you can have one free Virgin Media SIM, you will be able to have some bundled options if you visit the official page of Virgin Media Pay As You Go Plan.

By the way, which plan you are using in your Smartphone? PAYG or postpaid? We are eager to know why you have chosen the plan than others.

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