The Power Packed Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

This is first tablet having Amazon’s item-identifying firefly function and technology of Dolby Atmos audio-enchanting. This simple to use operating system includes extensive parental controls, instant customer service and ability to set individual profiles. This is among slimmest and lightest tablets available. It has impressive display and Amazon features which make Fire HDx8.9 one of best and affordable tablet for media consumption. Its drawback is that Amazon’s store has limited games and apps compared to stores of Google and iOS. There is no scope for the customization and microSD card slot is not there.

The Amazon Fire HDX8.9 is a high-end tablet that is most understated and has powerful processor, exclusive features such as item-recognition software, updated OS having family friendly functions and audio-enhancing Dolby Atmos. This good piece of hardware has put life into user friendly operating system and easy access to the Amazon Prime services and content. Stunning HD display and matching multidimensional audio is actually made for downloading movies and TV shows or streaming. Though it is found in other devices, they make Fire HDX8.9 a unique slate and give it a clear edge. Get it using to get the best discount possible.



It has the design similar to that of 2013 model and is a better- looking big tablet. It has subtle angular and aesthetic design which sets it apart from other big tablets. The volume and power buttons are back on the right and left edges respectively and can be located easily. Headphone jack and Micro-USB port accompany these. It continues to be the lightest and slimmest large tablet.

Kindle accessories

Along with new HDX8.9, Amazon also released proprietary cover, Micro-to-HDMI adapter and bare-bones Bluetooth Keyboard. The new cover appears slightly more rugged-chick and has leather textured front which is mirrored in the plastic form at the back. Front flap could be folded into a stand and the screen opens or shuts off on opening or closing of the case. Instead of snapping in the tablet gets connected magnetically to the case. Bluetooth keyboard of Fire HDX8.9 has simple and sleek design. It is extremely light and thin and could be mistaken for Fire HDX tablet from behind except for stylish angular points. The keyboard has own Micro-USB-t- USB cord to charge. You can buy various Kindle accessories at discounts using Flipkart coupons 2015.


Amazon has introduced FreeTime service that assists the parents in managing when and how the children could use tablet. You may create user profiles individually for the adults and children. Thus instead of setting menu for turning on kid-friendly tablet mode, create separate profile for the child. This Fire tablet is more shareable among the families. Get the best offers for Kindle at CouponMama.

Add profiles of two younger and four children

Smart Suspend option helps in increasing stand-by battery life by switching off Wi-Fi when tablet is sleeping. In automatic mode the timing of function gets adjusted depending on when you use tablet typically. It can also be scheduled manually when Wi-Fi is to be turned off. Many battery saving apps can perform this function.

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