Review: HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One

HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-one

HP has launched an all-in-one printer named HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-one. Most of you have heard about the product and those who are interested to know about all the features of this product here is the review of this product for you.

Let’s have a look on the design of the product. Hp has designed it so nicely that it looks very classy in office as well as in your house. You have to make a proper space for this product in your house and in office because it is 12.4 inches tall and 19.4 inches wide. The texture of 4.3 inches touch screen display makes this all-in-one printer more attractive. All the features that HP has put in HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One  makes it an impressively resourceful printer.

This Product has many features in it some positive and of course some negative. Starting with listing some of good features of this product.

HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-one

1). This printer prints professional High quality photos and documents.
2).The printing process of this device is very quick with versatile connectivity option.

3).There are many newly added and fabulous features in this device like, an auto-duplexer, cloud printing and a legal size scanning bay.

4).The list doesn’t end here, this product has touch screen feature in it.

5).The device has easy wireless connection. The device requires Max 25,000 page monthly duty circle.

6). And you will be amazed to know that this device is much cheaper than color laser printer.

HP officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-one

These above are the important positive features of this device, apart from these there are many other small good features of this device. When we are discussing about the features of the device, the description will be incomplete if I will not mention about the negative features of the device. So, here are the negative features of the device.

1)  Absence of multipurpose tray makes this device incomplete.

2)  The USB socket of the device is not Pictbridge Compatible.

3)  The device is very slower than specified.

4)  The touch screen needs aggressive finger presses.

These are some minor negative features of this product. Nothing is perfect in this world and this product is no exception to that. If you overlook these minor defects, you will find this device much better than the other of its type.

You will find many other this kind of products in the market but I can bet you won’t find any other product of HP or any other brand more impressive than this one. If you are planning to buy a new printer for your home or office, then I will suggest you to switch to this product as it is very decent and classy by its look and of course very much impressive by its performance. When are you going to bring this All-in-one printer to your house or office? Move on fast and bring it as soon as you can because you won’t get any other product as efficient as this product is.

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