Review: Sony Handycam HDR CX 130

There is a huge range of Camcorder present in the market and Sony is one of the best company having different types of Handycams of different price range. Sony has launched a Handycam named Sony Handycam HDR CX 130 in 2011. This product is the best Handycam of 2011. Here I have got some information for you all about this Handycam with the entire positive as well as the negative features of this product.

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Let’s start with the positive feature of the product. Here is the list for you:

1). First most good feature of this Handycam is that this product has a great wide angle lens. There are many other Handycams available in the market but this Handycam has the best angle lens than any other Handycam out there in the market.

2).The second feature in the list is built in USB cable.

3). Here is the third feature of this product is good automated behavior.

The list doesn’t ends here the list goes on and on and on but the above three are the strong features of this product which you will hardly find in any other Handycam out in the market. There must be many newly launched Handycams in the market but I can bet there is no other Handycam in the market which have the features similar to this product. Nothing is perfect in this world the same applies for this product also. This product has many defects in it. Have a look on the defects:

1). This Handycam has the Sub- HD resolution sensor on this product hardly produces satisfactory video. The company has added this Sub HD resolution sensor to make this product different from others but this newly added feature works just opposite to the expectations of the developers.

2). The second defect is not on the Handycam actually but it is with the typical price class of the products.

Apart from these two defects there is no such mentionable defect in this handycam even this handycam is rated as the best handycam of sony or all other brands launched in 2011.

When you look out for the design of the product, you will find it amazing. In my words the design is just fabulous in style and is very handy to carry. If you are using a handycam and will not be able to carry i properly you can miss many important and funny events of a function because video recording needs proper handling of Handycam.

The developers have done a really appreciating job in designing this product. I have never seen so handy and damn stylish design in any other handycam. Sony is very popular for the products it launches and is one of the most dominating handycam company in the market. And with the launch of Sony Handycam HDR CX 130 in 2011 Sony has put it reputation with such a fabulous Handycam. Are you planning to get a Handycam? Then, I will suggest you to go for this product.

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