He became the richest man in the world through PayPal

Source: CNN

paypal error

For a few moments, Christopher Reynolds was able to boast of being as rich as Carlos Slim ($73 billion), Bill Gates ($67 billion) and Warren Buffet ($53.5 billion).

The U.S citizen has indeed received with an exceptional PayPal Payment by mistake: $92,233,720,368,547, 800 slightly more than 92 million billion. A very surprising amount for this press officer living in Pennsylvania.

Of course, the error was discovered by the service account and quickly found a more normal pace. The Man does not, however, got carried away by the numbers, telling CNN “It’s a strange thing. I do not know, someone had fun” .

Pragmatism that PayPal has met in a statement:  “We appreciate that Mr. Reynolds has understood that it was a mistake” . The company took the opportunity to announce that it will donate to the charity of the user’s choice, without specifying the amount.

Asked what he would have done with that money, Christopher Reynolds said: “I probably would have paid the national debt” . Pragmatic and philanthropist.

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