Samsung PNF8500 Series Plasma TV

Samsung has released a new series of Plasma TV named Samsung PNF8500. Within a very short period of time span this product has captured the market totally, and keeping this in mind I can say that this TV series is going to be a blockbuster seller of 2013-2014. Excellently revamped voice recognize feature, 2.5 times better brightness and deep colours has made this TV series more fabulous. Of course the Smart TV features of Samsung are also present in this series.

Now, comes the picture quality of this TV series, it has the best picture quality which ever any Samsung product or other TV series had. You will be impressed with the contrast and how colour popped out from the screen. Apart from this other impressive features of this TV series are its rich saturated colors, Inky blacks, perfect side angle viewing and incredible contrast.

This TV series have many fabulous features in it and from those features here are some important good features of this TV series.

Samsung PNF8500

1). This series give strong performance with bright ambient light which is a rare characteristics of plasma.

2). The best picture quality you have ever seen in any TV.

3).It is on the same level as LED TV’s with light flow through.

4). You will get a wide range of free and paid fun apps.

5). This TV has touch pad remote which speeds navigation.

6). The most important feature in this TV series is it has perfect side angle viewing.

7). Instead of Dual core processor this series has Quad Core processor which loads apps and websites without any slowdown.

8). The standard def up calling of this series provides shows good contrast and color.

9). You will get active 3D playback with 4 pairs of glasses included.

10). Screen reflection in this product is nearly a non-issue.

When we are talking about the features of this newly launched TV series then how could I skip the weakness of it? So, here are they.

1). This product is very expensive and not affordable for everyone.

2). This product has plenty of volume from speakers, but fails to give a full range of sound.

3). The game mode present in this product has a decent amount of input lag.

Samsung PNF8500

Apart from these above defects there are no such major defects in the product. Nothing is perfect in this world and this product is no exception to that. If we overlook these minor defects of this product you will find a fabulous Plasma TV series with Samsung Smart TV features. You will not find such fantastic 2D and 3D conversion in any other TV series of samsung and other brand out there in the market.  The touchscreen remote adds more attractiveness in this TV series. Overall, it’s a excellent TV series from Samsung with expensive price value. This Plasma TV series can be rated as 9 out of 10. Just wait and watch this Plasma TV series is going to be the best selling TV series of 2013- 2014.

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