How to sell your old gadgets easily with few clicks over internet

Do you know about online buy and sell wbsites? You should know about the concept, if you have any plan to sell off your old & unused gadgets online! The reason is simple, because intrenet offers such an awesome feature to publish your own ad in the website and hence to attract more buyers into that deal. Simply speaking, Aa great way to publish your own classified ads in Bangladesh without spending any penny, and that too in an easy manner. For instance, when do you want to sell off your old Nokia phone and to use that money to buy a high-end Smartphone, you can use those online shopping/selling sites and to publish the advertisement in that website. Process of publishing such an advertisement in the websites requires not more than a few seconds, and that would be done quite magically if you have decent experience in dealing with web form filling as well as other stuff in world of Web.


However, since some of us are quite incredulous about the process of publishing a completely free advertisement on the internet and hence to receive such a tremendous audience to your deal, and thus to sell off your product as fast as possible, we would like to give you an introduction to the method to list your gadget online so that you can publish the advertisement in website. We will be following a step-by-step method of the process, and we hope it is the best method for perception. However, before you check the process you should try to understand that all the online buy and sell sites using almost same concept. It is possible to cut off brokerage from your monetary prerequisites. Now, we think we shall check out the process of publishing classified ad in website to sell off your old gadget.

  • Step One

Visit the online selling website and find signup button that you can see mostly at the right top side ‘Post a Free Ad’ or “List your product”. By clicking it, you would be led to a new page.

  • Step Two

Here, you have to select the category of your product. Since you are planning to sell off your old gadget, it would be apt to choose ‘For Sale’. In the sub-menu, you have to select the option ‘Cell-phone’. Note: You have to stay careful while choosing the category because the precise category you choose, the more reach you have.

  • Step Three

Once you have chosen the category, in the upcoming page, you can give information about the product that you like to sell off. In the section ‘Ad Title’, you have to provide key information about the product; in the description part, it is okay to give brief introduction about the product. You can also add information such as the price you expect, info to contact such as email, phone number etc.

  • Step Four

To upload photographs of the product, you can use the upload button or grab those photos into the browser and the site will do rest of the job. If you have given all these information correctly, you can click on button ‘Post’ and your advertisement will be live from next second.

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