Small Review: Lenovo ThinkPad T431s | Price and Specifications

Lenovo T series ThinkPad is one of the, most sought after business notebooks. It is popular for its long battery life. Long lasting durable built and design and superior keyboards. The Lenovo’s ThinkPad T431 has been carrying on the legacy and it is better and lighter than its predecessors. With sturdy design and responsive keyboard this laptop is filled with great features.

lenovo thinkpad t431s


The Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is the most light weight notebook ever. It weighs 3.4 pounds only. Constructed for sturdiness, the ThinkPad T431s possesses a built-in roll cage to go with its magnesium bottom and carbon fibre lid. The deck is also made from tough magnesium but lined in ABS plastic, whereas the solid hinges permit the lid to bend back a full a hundred and eighty levels.

In step with Lenovo, the ThinkPad T431s has handed quite a lot of Mil-Spec tests, including these for high humidity, extreme high temperature, vibrations, dust and mechanical shock. As an alternative of using soft-touch rubberized paint, the lid is a tough matte quality, however still manages to read fingerprints.  The most important design replacement includes the TrackPoint pointing stick, which no longer has its particular set of mouse buttons because these abilities had been fabricated into the top of the touchpad.


The display is quite disappointing. Although its 1600×900 resolution is high enough for 14 inch display screen but it suffered colour reproduction and low detailing. It failed to produce range of deep lively colours and has low contrast. While the matte finish offers you to run your laptop in any environment very easily even on the outdoors and in a sunny day. When you need to see wide viewing angles and vibrant colours the T231s need to be connected on an external monitor.


Lenovo ThinkPad T431s has a wonderful impressive Dolby Home Theatre boosted audio. Although it is considered to be a business oriented laptop but the sound we can hear from those tiny slit speaker is one of the loudest from a laptop.

Keyboard and Touch Pad         

lenovo thinkpad t431s

The T series has always concentrated on its keyboard design and has produced some excellent variation in it. The new T431s has replaced the older variant of keyboard with latest island-style design. This new keyboard is very spacious and easy-to-type and is well appreciated by the business class users. It also has allows to illuminate the keypad when you are in a dark room or faintly-lit rooms.

Lenovo has discarded the five buttons—the three at the top for TrackPoint users and two on the bottom for touch pad buffs—replacing them for a one-piece unit just like that viewed on most of new laptops. This totally transforms the appearance and feel of the device. The new style is much easy to use and precisely more accurate.

Performance and Battery Life

The new ThinkPad T431s is powered by third generation Intel 1.9GHz core i5 processor with a 4GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive and a n ultimate SSD of 224GB for fast wake ups  and primary data storage. T431s has Intel’s HD graphics 4000 which delivers a good gaming and graphic experience.

Overall the T431s is a complete package with very few drawbacks. The ThinkPad has the capacity to run up to for 5 complete hours playing video constantly. It has improved its battery life than its previous version.

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