Small Review: Samsung galaxy S4 zoom

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

Samsung galaxy S4 Zoom the name is enough. This name has boomed the Android phone market. Samsung has put each and every new feature in it and has experimented with every technology. Lets see what features did Samsung brought for us in this grand phone.

Starting from the good features of the phone. As the name suggest Samsung galaxy S4 zoom the phone has Optical zoom as its main feature that’s why Samsung has put an amazing Unique optical zoom quality in it. From optical zoom here comes about image quality. As the phone’s best feature is the camera so, how could be the image quality be bad ? Overall it has a decent image quality. Even the low light photo is also very decent.

Now, lets come to the design of this product. The phone is designed in a manner that you will get quite confused about that which one is front and which one is back. From the side where the lens of the camera is, that is the front for the camera and the other side where the screen is the front for the phone. From the back the phone looks like a compact digital camera. And from the front when you hold the phone it will look like Galaxy S4 mini. There is no much difference between Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy S4 zoom.

After design now its turn for Samsung Galaxy S4 as a phone. Stunning Android phone runs on 4.2.2 Jelly bean like most of the recent launched Android phones. This product has all the features of Galaxy S series. But some features like S-health and opening two apps at a time is missing from this phone. But there are many new added features in this phone which you won’t find in any other phone. This 4.3 inch screen has a very disappointing 960×540 pixel resolution. There is 8 GB internal memory is provided in this phone from which only 5 GB is available to use.

Now comes about Samsung galaxy S4 zoom as a Camera. You can define this product as Phone with all the features of the Camera. If someone doesn’t see the front screen of the phone then he/she will not be able to find that whether its a phone or a camera.

When we are talking about this Phone cum Digital camera product then how can we skip its defects? So, let’s have a look in the defects this product have.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

1). As we know that this phone has a camera lens which comes out like a digital camera lens so, the Chubby body makes it very cumbersome to carry.

2). The Dual core processor gives very poor performance.

3). We you go for the screen of the phone, you will find it Low resolution.

4).The Zoom ring is very awkward to use before anyone.

5). When you zoom the camera an annoying sound will produce from that.

This is the total basic outlook of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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