How to take care of your tablet?

Tablets are expensive pieces of equipment, and therefore you will want to make sure that you take proper care to ensure its longevity. If you have invested hundreds of dollars – which most of us will have – then you don’t want to let lack of care lead to a replacement being necessary in a few years’ time. Here are some simple tips to make sure that you can take care of your tablet properly.

Only download from official stores

If you have an iPad, make sure that you only download applications, music or videos from the Apple iTunes store. The same principle applies to both Android (Google) and Windows (Microsoft) tablets and stores. If you use a third party website, despite promising better deals for apps and music, you are putting your tablet at enormous risk which you shouldn’t  It’s worth paying a bit more and buying things from the official stores than it is to risk your expensive tablet and personal details; viruses are often cleverly hidden in unofficial apps.

care of your tablets

Find a temperature-resistant case

While you might not think of it, direct sunlight or extreme cold can damage the hardware of tablet computers. Even if you don’t live in a particularly hot or cold country, all it takes is to leave the tablet in an unprotected case overnight in the car, where temperatures can drop severely, or in direct sunlight, and you have ruined the hardware. A decent, temperature-resistant case is very important; more important than you might have thought.

Keep your operating system updated

It can certainly get annoying when you are told to update your operating system very few weeks, but it is of paramount importance that you do so.  Those who make the software are constantly working to fix bugs and ensure that your device is secure; by not keeping your tablet’s operating system updated, you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. The same logic applies to antivirus software which you may have downloaded – keep your app up to date with the latest version so that you can be protected as comprehensively as possible. Far too many people assume that it’s only PCs and laptops which need protecting from viruses, but they are wrong; with the growth of tablet PCs, an increasing number of hackers are using apps to target sensitive information stored on tablets.

Use a strong case

While your case should be resistant to temperature, it should also be durable and strong. You are likely to drop your case (better than dropping just the tablet!) and so you want to make sure that the case does its job and protects its contents. Spend some money on a decent, well-built case that you know will last – the extra money is worth it to protect your tablet. Many manufacturers offer deals on good quality cases which you can buy when you make the initial purchase of the tablet: those are usually the best type and will be strong enough to protect your tablet.

Use only approved accessories

Make sure that the accessories you are using for your device are approved by the manufacturers. Don’t use a regular pen on your tablet, just because you’ve seen other people do it – they are using special pens which conduct an electric current through the screen to imitate your finger. By using a regular pen – or any stylus which has not been approved – you are simply going to scratch your screen and end up having an unsightly tablet on your hands. There are styluses available which can imitate your finger, but they are often more expensive than regular ones: if you want to use a stylus, and one wasn’t provided with the tablet when you bought it, make sure you are purchasing the right type.

Waterproof cases

As with all electronics, you want to make sure that your tablet is protected from liquids at all times. If you are going to take your tablet outside, you need to make sure that the case is water resistant to stop any damp air or rain from harming the electrics. Similarly accidental spillages are responsible for lots of damaged tablets: a good quality waterproof case should protect your tablet from any accidents that might occur in day to day life. A lot of people want to scrimp and save on the accessories for their tablets, and refuse to purchase official manufacturer cases: this is a mistake, as you will soon discover when your cheaper case leads to your tablet being rendered useless by rainwater or humidity that has built up in the electronics.

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