Top 5 Microwave Ovens in India

Microwave ovens at one point of time were considered to be a luxury kitchen appliance in many households. But nowadays they are more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Earlier microwaves were used to heat or cook food but in the present extravagant culinary world, these have become a quintessential part of making all types of foods and meals.

One of the most significant aspects of microwave ovens is its capacity and size. Depending upon your cooking needs and requirements, you can choose a microwave of exact aptitude and volume. So if it for your home need, the microwave oven is of different sizes as compared to professional levels of culinary expertise. Let us put it this way, the type of microwave is dependent on its purpose. So if you wish to reheat, defrost or other things like this, a compact model will satisfy your needs. But if an oven is the basic priority of preparing your meal, then you can opt for larger designs with more features like grillers and more.

Consequently, seeing the growing needs of the customers, the designs and structures of microwave ovens have changed tremendously. They are more modish, up to date and technically advanced. Here are the best microwave ovens in India.

1)     Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards 20 MS Solo Microwave oven

Morphy Richards 20 MS Solo Microwave oven is one of the finest ovens available in the market. Under a very affordable price tag, this oven comes with a number of great features that make it desirable. This Solo model comes with a 20L capacity and a powder coated cavity that keeps it protected. It has 5 power levels that can be modified according to your cooking needs. The mirror glass door feature lets you keep an eye on your food while cooking or defrosting. It has a timer feature that lets you set a particular time to cook under. It also has overheat and sensory protection.

Price: 4,395/- INR

2)    Samsung

Samsung MW 73AD-B 20L Solo Microwave oven

Samsung MW 73AD-B 20L Solo Microwave oven fits into Samsung’s perfect range of solo microwaves and helps you perform your daily kitchen duties with ease and efficiency. Bundled with host of features it ensures the most advanced cooking experience. It distributes heat in a uniform manner with multiple power levels and quick defrosting. It has a 20Lts. Capacity with a slim built and streamline interiors. This push button type oven has an installed CMO. It also reminds you with an end signal when the task is done.

Price: 4,990/- INR

3)    Electrolux

Electrolux EK30CBB6-MGZ convection Microwave oven

Electrolux EK30CBB6-MGZ convection Microwave oven serves you some scrumptious food in no time and with effective results. This microwave oven ensures that the food is cooked evenly without losing on any nutrients or source of energies. Designed with a 30 litres capacity, this kitchen appliance is highly advanced and has 270mm turntable diameter with 65 preset menus and 6 power levels. It also has auto defrost function with express cooking smart features. The lemon clean function of this microwave keeps it odourless and thus your food has no strange smell to it after heating.

Price: 10,559/- INR

 4)    Panasonic

Panasonic NN-CT 641 M microwave oven

Panasonic NN-CT 641 M microwave oven is designed for enhancing your cooking skills and turning it into a whole new yummy culinary experience. With a 27 litre capacity, this microwave oven is a delight to anyone who loves to cook. It takes no time to heat or prepare food making your parties and gathering more fruitful. It has a 315mm turntable diameter with 101 menus and 64 Indian menus.

Price: 11,053/- INR

5)    LG

LG MC 8084AB convection Microwave oven

LG MC 8084AB convection Microwave oven is just the right device to make you enter a world of delectable and lip smacking dishes. It helps you prepare delicious and healthy food in no time impressing your guests and showing love to your family. It is a multipurpose device that can roast, grill, toast and bake with ease and accuracy. It has 30 liters capacity and is equipped with LG’s original Intellowave technology that ensures uniform heating. The other features include 101 auto cook menus with 54 Indian menus, Next Step Guide, 5 microwave power levels, Cooking Completion Alarm, and Child Lock.

Price: 16,690/- INR

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  1. Morphy Richards have a very bad service if the microwave oven needs repair. And it needs repair within 2 yrs.

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