Windows 8 vs Android – which one is better and Why

You may be still wondering that what will be a wise choice for your next smartphone. Which one is the better OS for your smartphone; Windows or Android? This question may bug you but don’t panic we will explore some all the pros and cons of both the thriving OS in the smartphone market Android as well as Windows Phone. The OS is the deciding factor for many of us while choosing our smartphone. The most popular OS platforms of smartphones Android and Windows Phone may seem quite confusing to you but you have to be well aware of all the features of both the OS before concluding to a decision. So let’s take a look on both of them.

windows 8 vs android

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Advantages of Windows Phone

The windows Phone has a simple user interface and gives you scope to customize your home screen and adds a metro look to your phone. It allows you choose from different apps to set in your home screen menu. Windows Phone is quite lively and refreshing than older OS found in smartphones.

Windows Phone wins over Android in the aspect of battery consumption. The Windows Phone eats up less battery life than the Android. It allows you with enough of fuel to your smartphone. This is because Windows Phone closes all the apps running in background more conveniently and it runs on dual core processor. At Windows Phone Store all the essential useful apps can be found. Applications like Skype, Facebook etc. are available at Windows Phone Store.

Advantages of Android

 The Android is a Linux based platform. It is no doubt the biggest and largest selling smartphone OS in the market. It is a very easily customizable OS. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your device with number of themes, skin and apps.  Android has an extremely useful notification bar which is attractive and handy to use also. The latest Android version is available with additional languages include in its keyboard. Some of the newly included languages are Hindi, Arabic and Persian.

Google Play Store provides you with a wide variety of apps and tools. Android also comes with voice assistance tools which is very useful while driving or any other crucial works.

At the end of the day it depends on you and your priorities which will help you to come to a final decision. Each of the OS has its pros and cons you have to judge them according to your needs.

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